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Butternut Box compared with canned dog food

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Step aside, tins – there’s a new dog food in town. While canned food has been filling pets’ tummies since the 2010s, freshly prepared food is only just becoming popular. At Butternut, we truly believe it’s the best option for any dog. And it’s all down to one rescued Staffie called Rudie.

When our co-founder Dave and his family rescued Rudie, she was in a bad way. She was feeling tired all the time and had sore skin. What’s more, she just couldn’t stop farting. After lots of visits to the vet, Dave decided to try a change of diet. Making Rudie’s meals from scratch worked wonders. Soon her skin was better, she had more energy and – happily for her human housemates – farted a lot less. Along with his friend Kev, Dave decided that all dogs deserve to eat as well as Rudie. Butternut Box was born.
Whether your pup could win Most Stinky Dog at Crufts, or is as fit as a butcher’s, we reckon freshly prepared food is way better than canned. And here’s why.


You know exactly what’s in Butternut Box


Butternut Box meals are made from freshly prepared ingredients, just like you’d find in your local supermarket or health-food store. Our recipe lists are short, easy to read and packed with goodies. With tinned dog food, it’s a lot harder to work out exactly what’s in it – even if you read the label. It’s not unusual for the meat to come from a variety of species. Surprisingly, only 4% of it needs to be the meat that’s on the label, so the tin of food “with beef” might not be as beefy as you think. Which really gives you paws for thought (sorry). On the other hand, Butternut Box meals have a minimum of 60% meat.

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You get exactly the right amount for your pooch


Every dog is different. While some go wild chasing balls in the park, others prefer a relaxed stroll (with the occasional sniff-stop). They might be the same size, but they’re burning through different amounts of calories. Because canned dog foods are mass-produced, the feeding instructions are “one size fits all”. If you follow the guidelines, there’s a good chance you might be feeding your dog too much, or not enough.

At Butternut Box, every portion is weighed out especially for your pooch. You fill in a quick survey when you join, telling us about their breed, activity, age and more, so we know exactly how much to put in each pouch. This makes it so much easier to keep your dog at a healthy weight, and you know they’re getting all the nourishment they need.




How Vivadogs Works

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